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January 9th, 2011 Comments off

Is The Eightball Cruiser II Electric Skateboard Any Good?

The new Eightball Cruiser 2 skateboard promises to be one of the most versatile electric boards yet available, being suitable for either novices or pros. It has all the qualities an electric skateboard needs, regardless of if its your first time or you consider yourself a professional. Experience the ultimate in maneuverability and control in every situation thanks to its agile, aerodynamic design. Reach lightning fast maximum speeds of more than 26km/h in almost any situation, making it one of the fastest electric boards youll ever ride.

The Eightball Cruiser 2 skateboard offers amazing acceleration, indeed its possible to reach maximum speed in about 4 seconds thanks to its powerful 600 watt motor. With a wide set wheel span, youll be able to stick to the road like glue even at maximum speed, while its 25 kilo weight makes the board perfectly balanced. Youll also need not worry about running out of power too often, as the Eightball Cruiser 2 electric skateboard can cover up to 11 miles on a single charge of its battery. This makes it a great way to travel around the town, in addition to it being a fantastic toy. Control of the boards is made very easy, and the board is very responsive, thanks to the easy to use wireless remote control. Race off like Michael Schumacher or easy away gradually, its also possible thanks to the remotes unique pressure-sensitive controls. You can also come to a comfortable and controlled stop easily, thanks to the unique regenerative brake system. Youll never again be let down once you get your hands on the Eightball Cruiser 2 skateboard, no matter if you are using it for performing tricks, racing or just playing with mates, the sky really is the limit.

Founded by two skater friends who were determined to produce the best electric skateboard in the world, Eightball Boards are leaders in the field of electric skateboards. Keeping this directive in mind, Eightball Boards continuously seek to develop new advances in skateboard technology, hence their ever increasing range of quality boards.You can save yourself a huge amount of cash on your Eightball Cruiser 2 if you look for a deal online, click here to see!. Huge savings are possible if you shop on the internet.You may be able to find
deals that offer as much as 25% discounts on the cost of Eightball Skateboards. You can make extra savings too by looking for offers that come with free shipping, enabling you to spend even less. The Eightball Cruiser II electric skateboard has it all, so it doesnt really matter if youve skated before or not, it is the perfect board for you.

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