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How to Pick the Right Skate Shoes

Skate shoes have evolved over the last 40 years from the original canvas-and-rubber deck shoes. Relying on the advice they get from professional and amateur skaters everywhere, manufacturers have refined their designs and materials to make better shoes for the next generation. You can find many popular brands, including Emerica, Nike, Vans (home of the original skate shoe) and Fallen Relapse through online stores like Converse and ShoeMall.

The Basics


Skate shoes were born out of the California skateboarding and surfing craze of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Over the years, most shoes have featured lightweight, flexible materials, giving skaters infinite freedom to take their tricks to new heights. The main thing to look for when buying your new pair is something that suits the conditions you expect to face, whether you’re street skating, hitting the skate park or tackling the snow and slush.

Price Is No Match for Quality


The cost for a pair of new skate shoes generally ranges from $20 for a budget buy to $100 or more for top-quality leather and suede styles. However, the price you pay doesn’t always reflect the quality of the shoe you get. If you’re going to put a lot of wear and tear on your shoes or spend hours practicing a new trick, it’s probably better to go with a low-end pair rather than quickly blow out your more expensive ones. Regular skateboarders can easily go through a pair of shoes in less than two months.

Get a Grip


Although to the average skate shoes look just like tennis shoes, there’s a big difference in how they’re made.  The key ingredient is a flat rubber bottom that offers more stability and grip on the board. Updated styles also have specialized treads that help you hang on tighter. They also have reinforced construction in the places that get the most wear, like the heel and toes. Thinner soles are usually attached through the vulcanization process, in which the rubber is heated with sulfur to increase the strength and elasticity. As a result, they wear out faster than other types of construction, although they give you the best “board feel.” Thicker, molded soles feature construction that is just as durable, although the soles are glued into place. Your decision should be based on what kind of performance you expect from your new skate shoes.

Building a Better Shoe


In the beginning, skate shoes mostly had canvas uppers atop thin rubber soles. Today’s modern manufacturers have expanded into suede and leather uppers as a way to beef up both construction and style. The latest trend among skate shoe companies is to add padded tongues and collars, as well as gel inserts, cushioning and arch supports, so the shoes are even more durable. Other design differences include extreme support and protection against foot and ankle injuries from stabilizer straps and double or triple stitching.

Unlimited Styles Online


You may have to try several types of shoes before your find the right fit. However, not every town has a conveniently located skate shop stocked with the latest brands, which is why the Internet is an invaluable resource for connecting you with information as well as manufacturers and retailers around the country. Most websites also provide sizing information, as well as generous return and exchange policies.


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