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Original Skateboard

July 18th, 2011

Original song for my skateboarding video?

Im making a skateboarding video and wondered if you had any ideas. I want something original, and that will go to skateboard and im open to all kinds of music. Thank you.

if you want a song they give off a very effective impression I would go with saliva click click boom or Demon speeding by Rob Zombie. if you want a softer more flowy style part you might want to go with something like Nancy Senatra Bang Bang, Is Tokio Hotel love Dead or System of a Down is Lonely Day. Or if you like more up beat things you can try Shiney Toy Guns' Le Disko or Riddlin 'Kids' Stop the world. I hope I was some help, at least, but it really depends on you and your style of skating. just try and match it with something you can relate too, and it will fit ….. this is just a couple of songs from your iPod as I can take different flows out while I skate, If you like any of these and I will give you more of my skate list just ask.

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