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Deck Preparation and Maintenance for New Deck Owners

Freshly cut grass, longer days and warmer temperatures means summer is fast approaching. Time to clean up in the deck and fire up the grill is upon us. However, harsh seasonal elements can wreak havoc on even well-maintained tires. Properly treated, can provide summer hideaway value to their home country as well as your family.

Choosing Paint or Stain

The decision to paint or stain your deck is very personal. In some areas, you may be bound by a homeowners' association. Be sure to follow their guidelines for painting or you may find yourself paying fines or painted. When you make the decision to paint or stain your deck, take your daily lifestyle into consideration.

* Do you have small children who can scuff it up? Do you have a child or teenagers who can skate or skateboard across it? Bright paint should not be considered if their children regularly play on the deck.

* Do you have a pet that can scratch the finish? Stain is recommended if the family pet free reign on the deck.

* Is the deck covered? Most paints are not as able to withstand the elements which stains can.

For open-air deck or decks without the protective shadow, a patch of pigment is highly recommended. A spot without pigment lacks the ability to protect your new tires from harmful ultraviolet rays. Stains containing pigments act as a sunscreen for your deck, protecting it from cracking, drying and premature aging. Paint helps block harmful Rays lighter, but often requires a protective coating to protect the paint from harsh weather conditions. Be sure to read and follow manufacturer's instructions and call them with questions specific to their product.

Use of Deck Stain to your

The very first step in applying the stain or paint is to ensure that the deck is clean. The entire surface must be free of oil, grease, dirt, or anything that may prevent the stain or paint from looking its best. Cleaning the surface with a water hose will help remove loose particles, but with a cleaner will help ensure a nice, clean finish. The use of a wood cleaner and brightener will help to bring a better, lighter wood finish when you use the stain.

When the deck is clean and dry, you can begin staining or painting. Follow manufacturer's instructions precisely for best results. Caution is to apply the stain evenly over entire surface. Uneven application can lead to doing the job over or use a darker color to cover the error. Do not apply the stain in direct sunlight or if there is a chance of rain during the next 24 hours.

Protecting Your Deck's Appearance

The most important thing you can do is to keep the deck clean. Many people make the mistake of using chlorine to clean the tires. Chlorine can actually damage tires new finish and cause it to look old and worn out time. Deck-specific cleaners are better for tires, and they are often cheap. Regular sweeping to remove dirt and dust particles are strongly recommended. Occasional spraying with a water hose and medium water pressure will also help to keep your deck clean.

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