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March 25th, 2011 Comments off

A fan’s perspective – Best three iPhone skateboard apps for beginners

Just learning to skateboard and want the 411 on how to develop mad skills? Just like most things nowadays, there is an app for that. There are several iPhone apps on the market today that provide helpful information for beginning and intermediate skateboarders. Here are my picks on the best three of the bunch;

1. GoLearn Skateboarding

This handy, multi-functional iPhone app is made by Whagaa! Those just learning to skateboard will appreciate the clear and concise instructional videos on everything from how to repair your skateboard to perfecting 45 different skateboarding tricks. As an extra added bonus, this iPhone skateboard app Dell latitude e6400 battery also includes a GPS driven skateboard park locater to help you find the hottest places to shred up the pavement. Best of all it sells for less than $2.


2. Tony Hawk: Trick Tips

Produced in conjunction with EpicTilt, this essential, reasonably priced iPhone skateboard app is available for iPhone, iPad and iTouch users. Beginners will love the combination still and video tutorials on how to complete over 50 outrageous skateboard tricks like the No Comply 360 and the Ollie Impossible. Trick tutorials are not all this app has to offer newbies; there are chances to win free autographed gear and up-to-the-minute news feeds from the Birdman himself. The price of this cool iPhone app is under $1.

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3. Skateropolis

Got your skateboard but don’t know where to go perfect your skills? With the down low on over 3,500 skate parks and Dell gk479 battery Acer as07b31 battery skate shops in the nation, this inexpensive, iPhone app by Ethervision has you covered. In addition, it also comes in iPod touch and iPad formats. One of the app’s best features is the connectivity capabilities. Once you have the app you may use it to post videos and photos of your burgeoning, bodacious board skills. The application also includes unfettered access to a well-developed, on-line community website. Young skaters hoping to work with local skate shops on petitioning their communities for skateboard park construction and obtaining sponsorships will find the on-line community invaluable. With a price tag of less than $2 you just can’t beat it.

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