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Girl Skateboard

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skate america: What you need to know about skateboarding

You can see many people it can be men or women do this hobby, because for them skateboard is not only fun but entertaining as well.

Skateboarding is a sport for boys and girls during the 1970s, but during 1980 it went hardcore to limit This pastime for boys alone. But this does not stop girls from becoming a professional skateboarder and actually Elisa Streamer is one of the most famous girl skateboarder of all time. She started skateboarding at the age of 12 and turned professional in 1988.

Skateboarding was originally adapted to the ocean surfers who they thought differently about how to get surfing outside the water. Californian surfers to get surfing off the street using a smaller version of the surf board is now called the skateboard and then it was the rise of skateboarding. Apart from the skateboard, which is the main thing that is needed to perform skateboarding, gears and apparels as on has also been on the scene.

In the early years of skateboarding, there are no special shoes and apparel made specifically for skateboarders. But because of the great popularity of this sport, there are now thousands of companies that produce specially made shoes and clothing for skateboarders. Some of the known brands are Vans, DC, Zoo York and everyone else. Today you can really enjoy skateboarding at its best for different gears and apparels can now be seen on the market.

Speaking of gears and apparels, you must skateboarders in mind that this sport is actually very much prone to accidents such as cuts and scratches. Skateboarders should always use high quality apparels to keep them well protected on the road. There are shades, shoes, helmets, quality shirts, special laces, pads and any other available on most online stores that to give skateboarders a full head to toe protection while enjoying this sport.

Skateboarding is not just an activity, it is more than a task indeed. Skateboarding has also contributed well the fashion sense of the world. They are often associated with big shirts with denim shorts riding at full colorful skate. Because of its superior fashion popularity of youth and middle aged adults, revolutionized the design of their clothing from basic to outstanding. Today we can see different colors and styles of skateboarding shoes at Skate America , The shirts also be offered on wide range of assortments, caps are often colored according to the lifestyle of the skater and everyone else.

Skateboarding is now the largest leisure activity in America, but other neighboring countries are also a big fan. Enjoy this sport the best you can, but always make sure to have not only fashionable gears and apparels but colorful and trendy safety gear to keep you fully protected on the road.

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