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Learn How to Skateboard – How to Kickflip Like a Professional

Want to learn how to skateboard? Skateboarding can be a lot of fun but it can also be very frustrating. Without the proper guidance or tips, performing some skateboard tricks can at first be very difficult. Performing a successful kickflip for many people also sometimes seems impossible. Having problems learning how to successfully kickflip on your skateboard? Don’t worry; you aren’t the only one as many skateboarders have this problem. The most problematic areas are when people try to flip, catch and then land on their board. Follow these simple tips below and you’ll be kickflipping your skateboard in no-time and impressing your friends with your skills.

What some skateboarders end up stuffing up is that they flip the board way too slow, their timing is way off and they can’t catch or they might even land on their board with one foot on and one foot off the board. The good news is that these common mistakes can be easily fixed. For the first problem, slow flipping of the skateboard, the best solution is to move your front foot as near as possible to the edge of the board. This helps because when it comes time to flip your board, your front foot will have only a small distance to move in order to flip the board with your toes. Timing it so you can catch the catch it takes a little more practice. The best thing to do here is when you see the truck and wheels go by, keep an eye out for the grip tape. As soon as you see the tape coming around, start to lower your feet and try to catch the board. Timing will take practice, so don’t give up if you find this a little difficult at first.

The final problem is the positioning of your feet once you have managed to catch it and put your feet down. It is common for some skateboarders to find that they always have one foot on the board and one foot off, they haven’t landed in the right place. Once you’ve mastered the above two tips, you’ll find that you’ll be better able to place both your feet on the board. The biggest cause of not being able to place both feet on the board is lack of confidence. Believe in yourself and stay focused. Just keep on practicing and making sure you can perform the flip and catch without a problem and you’ll soon discover that you are landing with both feet on the skateboard in no time.

Skateboarding is enjoyed by people all around the world and the wide variety of tricks makes it a sport that anyone can enjoy. If you find yourself having problems doing a kickflip, always remember to keep these tips in mind. Position your front foot near the edge of the board so flipping the board is as easy as possible. Keep an eye out for the truck when you attempt to catch and board and believe in yourself if you have difficult landing both feet on the board. Anyone can learn to skateboard with enough practice and patience.

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